About Us

Tourist Information Centre
Stary Sącz, Rynek 5 (5 Market Square)
Phone: +48-18-446-18-58
e-mail: wstarymsaczu@gmail.com

Tourist Information Centre is located next to the Regional Museum (a twin house of the House on the Pits), at 5 Rynek (5 Market Square). Tourist Information shares the premises with the ‘Galeria Pod Piątką’ gallery, Arts and Crafts Shop offering works of local artists, and stores selling maps, postcards and tourist guides at very competitive rates! Therefore, tourists can get everything they need in one place.

IT z rynku

Stary Sącz has a great potential thanks to its history and location. Monuments and their history, not to mention the market square  which is considered unique on a European scale, create a distinctive atmosphere that can be sensed by anyone who visits the place. Its location in the fork of the two most beautiful mountain rivers of Lesser Poland (the Dunajec and Poprad), in the heart of the Sądecka Valley, surrounded by mountain ranges, and close to Slovakia, makes it a perfect holiday destination.

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