Active tourism

Stary Sącz has a great potential for the development of active tourism. Mountain rivers provide a favourable climate for mountain canoeing, the Carpathian trails encourage hiking, and numerous paths and routes in the Sądecka Valley are perfect for recreational cycling across an even, easy surface. There is also no shortage of horse and skiing trails. These are just a few out of a wide range of options that Stary Sącz and its surroundings  have to offer to active tourism enthusiasts.

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Thanks to its location, Stary Sącz is a perfect starting point for trips to the nearby Pieniny and Tatra mountains, or even Slovakia. All these places are within easy distance and planning one-day trips there would pose no problems.


The river valleys of the Dunajec and Poprad are exceptionally beautiful, creating further possibilities for tourism and recreation. The Poprad Valley is famous for the greatest number of mineral water springs, with such places as Krynica, Muszyna, Żegiestów, Łomnica or Piwniczna being well known for their tasty and healing water. Similarly,  the Dunajec Valley offers a choice of mineral water in Szczawnica and Krościenko; however, its greatest attraction is undoubtedly the Dunajec River Gorge. It is there that the river finds its way through the mountain ranges, forming a truly picturesque, rocky gorge, accessible to tourists, whether travelling on foot, cycling, canoeing, or perhaps opting for organised river tours on wooden rafts.


Horseback riding:

Within the municipality of Stary Sącz there are about 100 km of mountain trails for horseback riding, which belong to one of the most attractive trails in Poland in terms of landscape and their natural and cultural qualities. Running through a highly diversified terrain, they are characterised by varying degrees of difficulty. Within the municipality one can distinguish three major areas of horseback riding trails: the Dunajec Valley, agricultural and forest areas in the foothills, and slopes and hill-sides of the Beskid Sądecki region.

Horse Farms:

„Agro Ranczo”: 33-342 Barcice, Przysietnica 90, phone: +48-18-448-01-24, e-mail:,

„Agro-Tur-Konie”: 33-388 Gołkowice, Gaboń 131, phone: +48-18-446-35-82, 606-111-514, e-mail:,

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