Stary Sącz

A Carpathian town with a vibe!

As a town, Stary Sącz creates a unique atmosphere and impression of a place from a different epoch – an impression that is by all means positive, even mystical. The medieval layout of the market square and streets, along with the town’s architecture take you on an unforgettable journey into the past, a journey to a place which was once a lively trade route to Hungary, reverberating with the hubbub of noisy markets and the sound of salutes fired for kings, but also witnessing the fear of the looming Tatar invasion, and flights into the mountains.


All those events left a lasting imprint on the town, their ‘spirit’ lingering on despite a  passage of time.

Apart from its historic monuments, Stary Sącz has yet another distinctive feature, namely its unique geographical location.  The town is situated in the fork of the Dunajec and the Poprad, the two most beautiful Carpathian rivers,  and surrounded by Beskid Sądecki that remains a natural  and cultural enclave.

Due to its advantageous location, Stary Sącz is a perfect starting point for trips to the nearby Pieniny and Tatra mountains, or even Slovakia.

tatry-2Another major asset of the place is its location in the very heart of the Sądecka Valley (Kotlina Sądecka), famous for its warmest and sunniest spells in Poland, the fact which directly affects local fruit-growing businesses that are quite common in the area.

Stary Sącz is therefore not only a perfect starting point for trips, but it offers numerous attractions itself – you can spend some quality time cycling or horseback riding in the Sądecka Valley, mountain hiking in the Beskids, or enjoying the refreshing coolness of rivers and ponds in the heat of summer. Furthermore, the town focuses strongly on the promotion of culture, taking an initiative to organise a number of events and festivals.


Stary Sącz has that certain SOMETHING that makes people remember the place and keep coming back – it is a magical place, worth exploring and easy to fall in love with.

Come visit us!
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