By car

The fastest and easiest way to get to Stary Sącz is by car. Driving from Kraków, you need to take the A4 motorway to Brzesko, then the 75 main road to Nowy Sącz. From there the easiest way is through Chełmiec (by-passing the city along the right bank of the Dunajec river) and then through Brzezna, where at the roundabout you go to St. Kinga’s Bridge, and shortly after the bridge you reach your destination  – Stary Sącz. A car gives you here great possibilities and flexibility of movement. The location of Stary Sącz is unique in that all local touristic attractions are within easy driving distance, which makes Stary Sącz a perfect starting point.

There is quite a lot of free of charge parking zones in Stary Sącz, most of them located along nearly every one-way road around the market square. Still, the largest and most convenient place for parking is the market square as such, with its paid parking zone for cars.

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