Parking zones

Cars: There is  quite a lot of free of charge parking zones in Stary Sącz, most of them located along nearly every one-way road around the market square. Still, the largest and most convenient place for parking is the market square as such, with its paid parking zone for cars.

Coaches: Travel buses and coaches can stop near the square market only in the bus bay, for a period of about 5 minutes, during which the tourists get on or out of the bus. Parking zone for buses is located near the Monastery, along St. Kinga’s Route (Trakt Św. Kingi), lined with garden plots. From the market square  you can get to the parking zone by driving towards Railway Station, and then following signs directing you towards the Papal Alter. Parking spaces are situated on the left side of the road, just behind railway track. The location of the parking zone is advantageous in that it lies between the market square and the Papal Altar. Consequently, from this spot you can easily visit all the major attractions of Stary Sącz. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from there to the market square, the route running along a historical monastery wall, below the Szeklerska Gate, and near St. Kinga’s miraculous spring. Therefore, the route itself is very attractive and worth following. The Parking zone is free of charge and not protected.

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